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    With practice, Flow Yoga feels like a constant moving meditation... a flow.

    we begin & end in meditation

    strength, balance, stability, flexibility

    inside and out





    Y O G A - I S - H E R E - T O - E N J O Y

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    Our timetable runs every week during school terms

  • Class Passes - Gift Vouchers - Yoga Mats!

    Yoga Poster
    10.00 - 20.00
    I've designed this Yoga Poster for any wall of any room to guide and inspire a creative, encouraging, beautiful yoga practice.
    Includes Warm Up, Core Work, Standing pose flows, balancing flow, challenges and alternatives and a warm down with twists and forward folds to finish.
    Makes a nice gift.
    What a great way to guide yourself through your own home or gym practice.
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    Yoga Mat
    Flow Yoga's own unique yoga mat!

    185 cm long, 68 cm wide

    So nice to touch! 4.5mm thick

    Stable, super flexible, 2.9 kg weight.

    - made of natural tree rubber and polyurethane.

    Beautiful design with alignment cues to help you and your body practice yoga in the best way possible.
    - free from toxic chemicals
    - PVC free
    - recyclable packaging

    Jade Green
    Pearl Blue
    Stormy Black
    Purple Amethyst
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    Single Class
    No Cash No worries, buy a single class online and simply let me know when you arrive at the studio.
    I can't wait to practice flow yoga with you:)
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    Private Yoga Class - One on One
    60.00 - 75.00
    Take your practice to the next level.
    In the privacy of one-on-one, receive personalised guidance and feedback, including hands-on alignment assistance and relaxing adjustments that can bring new awareness to your practice.
    We aim to enhance your yoga postures through awareness and breath. You will find an increased enjoyment of being in each pose, and a better understanding of your body and the powerful role of your breath in movement.
    Classes run for 1 hour.
    Upon booking, Sally with contact you to find a convenient date and time.
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    10 class pass card
    Buy 8 Classes and get 2 free!
    As you pre-purchase your yoga classes,
    feel yourself saving money and committing to your practice. Class Pass Cards expire June 30, 2018.
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    5 class pass card
    Pre-purchase 4 Yoga or meditation classes get 1 class free! Commit to your practice and save money. Class Pass Cards expire June 30, 2018.
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    Gift Voucher
    15.00 - 120.00
    Give the gift of yoga! Of self love, self knowledge, self understanding, of energy, flexibility and loving life for no reason. You can purchase any variable amount that suits you and your vision for your loved one. Expires June 30, 2018.
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  • FLOW YOGA : Class Descriptions

    Movement and relaxation classes draw from ancient disciplines and aim at holistic well being for body and mind.

    FLOW Yoga nourishes your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing by opening and strengthening the body and allowing your immune system to rest, restore and relax.


    a general class suitable for all

    • improve posture and alignment 
    • open & extend all muscles & joints.
    • creative sequences blend yoga poses into a flowing experience.
    • enhance body and breath awareness 
    • actively use the breath to move.
    • develop strength, flexibility and suppleness.

    POWER YOGA Mondays 6pm

    challenge body & mind

    • improve posture and alignment 
    • dynamic, creative sequencing,
    • stimulate, invigorate & challenge body and mind.
    • enjoy the flow of movement and breath as we explore a range of fluid sequences.
    • develop profound core strength.

    SLOW FLOW Thursdays 6pm

    aligning breath and movement we go slow and deep

    • improve posture and alignment
    • develop a strong foundation of yoga practice. 
    • build strength, body and breath awareness 
    • practice beneficial and essential flow sequences.
  • .

    Our studio is located in

    the Old School Hall, in

    Portland, Victoria.

    The beautiful building is

    light and bright with

    polished floorboards

    and a 115 year history.

  • Our Flow Yoga Mats

    We might just have the perfect mat! Shop below $80 each.

    comfortable and soft

    Our Flow Yoga Mats are made of natural rubber, are non toxic and are surprisingly soft and comfortable as 4.5mm thick.

    Non Slip - Super Grip

    We have mastered the super grip, these mats are non slip, helping you enjoy your practice. It is a lot easier when the mat isn't slippery! Perfect for advanced balancing poses.

    Choose from 4 colours

    With four colours to choose from and the unique design that is laser engraved, making the visual affect soothing and balanced.

    Design to Align

    The beautiful design on each mat is unique to Flow Yoga Australia. The markings are laser engraved and can be used as a guide for optimal alignment. Use the vertical line for standing poses, the smaller lines for hand and foot positioning. The diagonal lines help you to place your feet and hands in places that you can return to so that your practice develops optimally.

  • School Groups !

    Contact Sally 0407 361 932


  • Practice: a 2 min flow

    This is the basis of our vinyasa flow

    Classic Suns

    This 2 min flow flows through Class Sun Salutations sequence. We add high lunge, 3-legged dog, and chaturanga which is the lowering down from plank pose into a hover. Try a few few rounds to develop your home practice.

  • Our Teachers : Meet Sally and Melissa.

    FLOW STUDIO is home to Flow Yoga and VOX Singing and vocal tuition.

    Sally Jensen

    Yoga teacher

    Sally is passionate about creativity in the mind and in the body.

    Her appreciation of personal growth and simple wisdom makes her classes warm-hearted, thorough and genuine, knowing that happiness comes from within.


    She has been an educator for 15 years, with experience delivering and designing programs for people of all ages.


    Sally spent 4 years travelling to and from India learning meditation in the Vedic tradition. She training as a yoga teacher 15 years later in Bali with Les Leventhal. She is a registered Yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Her creative sequencing makes yoga practice flow so that is feels rejuvenating and enjoyable.



    Melissa Francis

    Vocal coach

    Melissa is a highly trained songwriter and performer as well as an accomplished pianist. She has collaborated in bands and ensembles with local & international artists.


    In addition to her music career, she has been teaching since 2014. She offers introduction to singing lessons and workshops as well as comprehensive vocal training on a weekly basis. She creates performance opportunities for her students and work towards accreditation and recitals.


    While simultaneously a pursuit of excellence and discipline, she powerfully encourages us: "Strive to do better at what you love!". Melissa believes that singing should be fun!